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Making Tech Friendly. We Specialize in Driving Results With Front-End Integrity.Back-End Integrity.SEO.Online Marketing.

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The End Of Underperforming Websites.

We’re passionate about attention to detail, data analysis and the growth of companies with SEO and Online Marketing. We’ve seen the power of Coding Integrity, SEO and Online Marketing, along with the positive impact it can have on businesses of any size, when pursuing growth in a digitally focused culture.

Optimized Websites. More Traffic. Increased Acquisition.

Before we begin the SEO and online marketing strategy, we need to make ensure every aspect of your website is foundationally sound & the goals of your project have been identified and established.

From there, we can look at various aspects of your growth potential using SEO, such as actual content structure and positioning, in order to set up your company’s online presence for the exposure and recognition it needs.

Now that we’ve set firm foundations for the growth of your company online, we can maximize the traffic and sales potential of your online presence with online marketing.



What Is It?

SEO focuses on using various techniques and strategies to raise the quantity and quality of traffic to your target website with the use of search engines.

Why Is It Important?

It’s an integral part of increasing your company’s searchability and traffic online because it works towards making sure that your website has the right amount of exposure to the right customers.

What Is Our Approach?

We use various methods, such as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO according to White Hat techniques to work for you in achieving your specific business goals.

What Is It?

This is all about making sure that the coding under the hood of your website follows best practices between the Front-End (what people see) & Back-End (what people can’t see) of your website, which includes security and configuration.

Why Is It Important?

It’s an integral part of your company’s website as it’s necessary in making sure that your website is safe, stable and optimized to be working as it should be on all devices.

What Is Our Approach?

We use various approaches in analysis, such as page load speed, http DOM requests, CDN and other proprietary metrics of Skala. Our main goal in Front-End & Back-End Integrity is to achieve the highest standard of operation for your website as a product in providing high value for both users and our clients.

What Is It?

Online Marketing is a branch of the marketing discipline that focuses on using different tools and methodologies in online media to promote your product and services to a digitally focused culture.

Why Is It Important?

Online Marketing is an integral part of the growth of your company online in that it’s focused on achieving optimal levels of exposure for your company online, setting the stage for high ROI conversion rates, plus meeting revenue and traffic goals.

What Is Our Approach?

We focus primarily on PPC and Social Media Campaigns avenues such as Adwords and Bing Ads for PPC campaigns, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, as well as WeChat campaigns for various social media channels.

We’re Google Certified.

You can have the assurance of working with a developer who will always meet the guidelines set by Google in working towards achieving your targeted exposure, as well as reducing the chances of your associated service and website being penalized or blacklisted by Google, which not only saves you money in the long run, but also establishes your business online by building on firm foundations.

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Need Some Extra Clarity?

We get it… Not everyone’s as passionate about this as we are! Here are some common problems that we encounter during some of our initial conversations with our clients.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. It paves the way for your sales funnel and with the right systems, will ultimately lead to increased revenue generation. However, a website is also much like an online storefront & ambassador for your company. It doesn’t always run by itself 24/365 and it still needs TLC just like any other aspect of a growing a highly-profitable business. That’s where we come in.

Oftentimes, this is due to a lack of updates and maintenance whilst the rest of the online world is evolving and progressing. Many times, however, this is due to poor setup and establishment on the backend. This can occur when the level of passion, commitment and attention to detail needed to really help businesses succeed online is replaced with a motivation purely based on selling (instead of the craft) or can be due to the inexperience of a practitioner. The plus side of this is that it opens a way for people like us to lead the way with integrity, solutions and sustainable lead generation.

Many business owners have a hard time competing with the competitors online, despite the fact that they’re confident they have a superior product or service offering. The online market is no stranger to this misplaced  perception of value, so we work with our clients to form strategies and consistencies that pay off in the long run, so you can compete online effectively and efficiently.

Having front-end and back-end integrity in your website’s coding is critical in making sure that your website is performing well and in order to do so well, you need the right expertise when making the assessment. Websites consist of many elements that are designed to work in unity so approaching the development phase correctly and in the right order ensures that your website will perform better than expected. We then use White Hat SEO methods that are according to the standards set by Google and other major Search Engines to then get in front of the right customers.

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